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Indonesia is an archipelago country located in the Southeast Asian Regions. Tropical weather in the country makes it the best destination for overseas tourists to visit all year round. You can never be wrong to come to Indonesia at any time. You will find yourself in the dry or wet seasons. Both of which have their own attraction.

Many people do not know that Bali and Borobudur temple is located in Indonesia. Head to Bali if you want to experience a quiet paddy field and beautiful beaches. You will find many tourists flock to this Island to enjoy their vacation.

If you want to witness a man-made historical heritage similar to the pyramid in Egypt you should treat yourself to Candi (temple) Barorbudur in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is located on Java island, to the northwest of Bali.

Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta Indonesia
Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta Indonesia

If you travel further up of the Java island you will visit the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. Just at the tip of the island. It is one of the four biggest cities in Indonesia. Other big cities in Indonesia are Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Medan. Jakarta is both the government headquarters and financial center of Indonesia. Most industries have its headquarter in Jakarta. It is also one of the Indonesian provinces.

All kinds of cults and trends in Indonesia usually start here. You might need to come here if you need something to do with bureaucracy. Or else you may visit the capital to see how the Indonesian capital is. But brace yourself because it may not be suitable for you due to its poor public transportation and congestion. However, if you want to experience all sorts of malls and metropolitan life, Jakarta is the best place for you to come.

From Jakarta, you can head up to Sumatra Island by ship or airplan and experince the magificent nature of the island. Medan, Indonesia’s fourth biggest citiy, is located in this island. Heading up to the tip of the Sumatra island is Aceh Province. The province is known for its Syariah law, the only province granted such privilage.

Muslim tourists would find it safe and easy to tray all kinds of local food. Across Banda Aceh, the capital city of the province is Sabang island. It is where Indonesia’s territory state. It is said that you shall never say to have visited Indonesia without visiting its famous 0 Kilometer monuments. Aceh is the province where I was born and live.

From here you can complete your full Indonesian journey by visiting the Meurake island in the South-eastern most of Indonesia in Papua island. Merauke is where the country’s territorial end bordering with Papua New Guinea. After all, the song of Dari Sabang sampai Meurake [from Sabang t Meurake] describes Indonesia’s archipelago territories.

Hospital Indonesian People

Indonesian people are known to be friendly. If you watch any of foreigner youtubers who’ve ever been to Indonesia, they will say that we are very friendly. You will find Indonesian people waving at you when you walk in the street, nod at you to resepect you or simply smile at you when you are in market. Don’t be bothered with such gestures if you come to Indonesia. It is our way of respecting strangers. It is part of our culture to be respectful, care and hospitable.

Don’t be surprised if Indonesian suddenly address you by “Hallo Mr.” or “Hello Mr.” in the street. We do this because we are being nice to the foreginers and if you stop and talk to us, we may become your friends. The good thing about having Indonesian friends is that they are very often willing to help you at any time you need help. They are not hesitant to spare their time to pick you up and show you some amazing places. This way, you will experience Indonesia like locals. They may also even ask you to come to their houses to introduce them to their families and ask you to have dinner or lunch in their houses. It means that we love you and we are happy to have you as friend.

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May to October is the dray season while November to April is the rainy season. April to May is the transition from the rainy to dry season.

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