Looking for a budget phone that suits your need?


If you are ever wondering if there is any smartphone that costs less but still damn good, we would confidently say yes, there is. In fact, there are a bunch of them!

If you are willing to spend some time researching you will find cheap phones with performances comparable to the expensive ones.

We also believe there are budget phones for every need. Budget phones for students, musicians, photographers, and even gamers!

Here at Suloh, we review all kinds of budget phones from various brands and suggest the best phones in each category.

So, what make a phone budget phone?

Well, budget phones, as the names suggest should be cheap and affordable. So, the price is the main denominator for a budget phone. It needs to be priced below a certain threshold to be considered as a budget phone.


But the line between budget and expensive phones is hard to draw if we don’t have categories.

Thus, we roughly divided budget phones based on the price threshold into three main categories: entry-level, midrange, and high end.

Then, we break them down into the following price ranges:

Price RangeCategories
< $100Entry-level 1
$100 – $200Entry-level 2
$200 – $300Midrange 1
$300 – $400Midrange 2
$400 – $500Highend 1
$500 – $600Highend 2

That way, you can choose which category of phone you would like to buy based on the price range you are willing to pay.

What to consider in a budget phone?


Smartphones consist of many parts to make them work. Some are crucial while others are optional.

Some are just gimmick that does not really have practical uses other than for the sake of trend in technology such as a curved display.

Samsung should be blamed for starting the trend!

Instead of going for the trend and pay more for gimmicks, you should really look at the 8 main parts of a smartphone when you purchase your next phone. They are:

Build Quality

The order of the list is not necessarily based on importance. You should really weigh in all of the 8 main parts based on how you would use your phone.

If you like to take pictures, the camera should be your main priority. If you often take selfies, then the front camera is obviously more important.

If you go out a lot and rarely have a chance to charge your phone, the battery should be of your concern.

If you are a multitasker, then RAM is the most important. If you are a gamer, you need to consider the processor, RAM, and battery.

Final Words

When buying a budget phone, you should first set how much money you are willing to spend on a smartphone. Then determine how you use your phone on daily basis. Finally, select the phone with specs that support your daily usage.

If you have any questions or want to know more about certain phones we mentioned here, head to the contact form and let us know your concerns.

If you think you benefit from what we do here, we would be thankful if you can purchase a phone through the link we provide.

That way, we could consistently provide high-quality reviews and suggest the best budget phone for the next buyer after you.