Confucius: A Noble Legacy Endures


As China was breaking apart, Confucius vainly strove to bring it together through virtue. He may have lost the battle in his lifetime, but his philosophy of statecraft colors Chinese society to this day. Confucius is perhaps China’s most well-known philosopher and teacher. For more than two millennia, his teachings have exerted a profound influence … Read more

Ötzi the Iceman: Stone Age Crime Scene


Five thousand years ago, a man died on a mountaintop, and a mystery was born. Entombed in ice and snow, his remains lay preserved for millennia until 1991. Scientific study of his body has yielded numerous discoveries, but questions about the manner of his death still linger. September 1991 turned out to be hotter than … Read more

Constantinople: The New Rome


The modern-day city of Istanbul occupies a stretch of land along the Bosporus, the body of water that links the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. This place, where Europe and Asia meet, has always been of great strategic value, a fact not lost on Emperor Constantine in the fourth century. In his time, an old … Read more

Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National Park 1

On the remote Southwestern tip of Java, the Unesco World Heritage-listed Ujung Kulon National Park (admission 59,500Rp) covers about760 sq km of land, including the large Pulau Panaitan. Because of its isolation and difficult access, Ujung Kulon has remained an out post of primeval forest and untouched wilderness in heavily developed Java; alongside some fine … Read more

How much does it cost to travel to Indonesia?

the cost to travel to indonesia

The cost to travel to Indonesia varies depending on where you go, but Indonesia remains one of the cheapest travel destinations in Asia. Hotels, food, and transport are all inexpensive in US dollar terms. Getting Started followed by ‘luxury’ foreign articles such as electronics. A stream of price hikes in petrol during 2005 increased the … Read more

When is the best time to visit Indonesia?

ilustratoin for best time to come to indonesia

If you love the dry season, the best time to visit Indonesia is between May and September. If you like the wet season, October to April is the best time to travel to Indonesia. Indonesia is big, cheap, rough, and effortless. It’s everything to everyone, a choose-your-own-adventure travel destination. With little more than a passport, … Read more